Styles of Dance Found at Social Style

Here are the most common dance styles we teach at Social Style. If you don’t see a dance style you are looking for, just contact us!

Below you will find a short description, as well as a video clip that gives you a visual representation of each of our many dance styles.


Elegant and old-fashioned, you’ll glide around the room when you Waltz.


Romantic and passionate, the Rumba is very common for weddings.


Upbeat and fun, you can dance this style to Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy, and the like… once you learn how to keep up!


This dramatic, passionate dance style is depicted in many movies such as Scent of a Woman, and True Lies. It is very serious, but also very fun!

Cha Cha

Very fast, sensual and a ton of fun, you can dance this style to Latin music, like something by Santana for example.


Spicy, sexy and Latin – the Salsa is a beautiful and fun dance style to learn and practice!

Fox Trot

This romantic and flirty dance style is very fun, while moving around the room and is usually danced to big band music, like Frank Sinatra songs.


Versatile, fast dance style useful pretty much anywhere upbeat music is playing!

Two Step

Perfect for Country music lovers. A very upbeat dance full of movement! This is Z&A’s wedding dance which starts as a Rumba and then switches to Two Step! So fun!


Very slow and sensual, filled with unbelievable passion!


Have a song without a real strong beat? Want to do lots of flips/lifts and other fun stuff? If that’s the case, then contemporary is for you! 😉


Sexy, flirty, and very fun! Samba reminds us of Carnival in Rio!