What to Expect at Your First Ballroom Dance Lesson


Why Learn from Social Style Dance Studio?

  • You will have fun with our relaxed, fun and social style of teaching
  • Your confidence will sky rocket because you finally know how to dance with your partner
  • You will become more graceful with our dance lessons
  • Dancing reduces stress and can give you better posture
  • We offer your first ballroom dance lesson free!

What Social Style Dance Studio Students Say

Erin’s patient, encouraging style keeps us going… We have enjoyed being one of her students and I tell everyone if you want to learn to ballroom dance, she is the teacher to go to.
Jeannine & Marty Sawall, Private Ballroom Dance Lessons
My fiance and I plan to continue taking ballroom dance lessons from Erin even after we’re married because we want to impress our friends with our mad skills at future wedding receptions.
Kelly & Craig Anderson, Wedding Dance Classes
Erin has been fantastic in`building confidence for us on the dance floor and as a couple learning to ballroom dance. We look forward to what we’re going to learn next!
Andy & Angie, Group Lessons

Our Incredible Team

ErinOwner & Instructor

Erin has been dancing for more than 18 years and teaching for more than 16, she loves being silly and finding new and interesting ways to explain how to move with the music. – “I love seeing the exact point in time my students realize they can learn to dance. That usually happens on their very first lesson! Knowing the confidence and joy that my students get from practicing; and then executing dance routines for fun, bonding, or for their special day is why I started Social Style.” Please join us here, our team is so excited to help you!



Anne-Marie started dancing with Social Style as a student in 2015, and we’re thrilled she decided to become an instructor here. She will make sure you have an absolute blast during your lessons – “I gained an interest in dancing while in the Marine Corps. I have dabbled on and off in ballroom ever since. I love the romance of the waltz, and the playfulness of the swing! Dance is in everyone! There is no escape from it. You can’t say that you can’t, don’t, didn’t, or won’t, the only question is how. How are you going to dance? I am here to help you out with that! Let’s do this thing!”



Charmaine has been dancing her whole life and has been with Social Style for a year, we are thankful to have such a talented dancer and instructor here; and you will be too! – “For as long as I can remember, I’ve danced; it’s in my veins. Growing up, I enjoyed learning and performing ballet and tap. I also joined the dance team in high school. My journey in dance has led me to teach in a variety of places. I started teaching children of all ages in schools for summer activities. After that, I trained, instructed, and competed with ballroom dance studios in the area. Ballroom dance continues to be my favorite style of dancing! I am thrilled to be able to show others my passion through teaching others to dance.”



Jen started as a student here 4 years ago, and remembers well what it is to be a new dancer, and that’s just one of the reasons she’s such a phenomenal instructor – “I started dancing when my husband bought me a gift certificate for lessons, and we’ve never stopped. That was four years ago, and I have been with Social Style ever since. My favorite dances are push pull and rumba because of their versatility. I look forward to teaching others the way I was taught and continuing to grow through dance!”





Why Social Style?

The day I made my decision to own my own dance studio was the day a husband came to me at my first job as a dance instructor. I had been teaching him and his wife for about a year at the time, and I loved working with them. He asked to meet with me privately, and we went into a small office. Immediately he started crying, and I was quite surprised. He was a kind, gentle man, but seeing him cry was the last thing I expected.
He said to me, “You saved my marriage. We were on the brink, we didn’t think we could ever be in love with each other again. You changed that. Thank you.” And then he walked out.
I’ve always been old-fashioned and kind of a hopeless romantic in the way that I believe couples who are married should always try to make each other happy, and find new ways to fall in love again. She asked him to take dance lessons with her, and he said yes. That one yes led to him being so happy to have back the love that they used to share that he cried. That day changed my life. I realized that I wasn’t just teaching couples how to dance together. I was teaching them to communicate better, have more fun together and sometimes how to bring back the intimacy in their relationship. Dancing offers so much more than just patterns to move you around the floor. If you want to rekindle feelings you used to have for one another, this is an amazing and very fun way to do it. And I would be honored to help you do that!
  • Affordable (We Dare you to Compare!)
  • Our Students Love Coming to our Studio
  • Friends and Family are Amazed at Our Students’ Moves
When I was in school, I felt extremely awkward at dances. I didn’t feel comfortable dancing in front of anyone else, because I didn’t know what I was doing. After seeing the movie “Dirty Dancing” I decided I wanted to learn to dance the Mambo, because I thought it would be incredible to dance on stage one day like they did. Driving home from my first lesson, I said, “This is something that I want to do for the rest of my life!” A short time later I realized that dancing really was my passion, and after learning quite a bit more and competing a little, I decided that I not only wanted to dance, but I wanted to share it with other people so they could feel as good about their dancing as I do about mine.
I learned early on that encouragement and an always positive attitude was the teaching approach my students enjoyed the most. Not only does this teaching style create a fun atmosphere, but it allows my couples to be social with each other, and with me. It is this “Social Style” approach, that brings a smile to your faces while you learn to dance, and those that get to watch your routine will be talking about it for weeks after!


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Our Dance Studio’s Location

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Located In Beautiful Delafield, Right off I-94

3562 Hillside Drive, Delafield, WI 53018
Phone: (414) 687-2222
Email: info@socialstyledance.com

Our dance studio has recently gone through an amazing remodel. The new floor, dance themed decor, and inviting atmosphere will inspire you to release your inner ballroom dancer!

Social Style Dance is the perfect choice for you to learn ballroom dancing. We have satisfied clients dancing all across the region, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our studio for some dance lessons soon!


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Social Style Ballroom Dance Lessons
Social Style Ballroom Dance Lessons
Social Style Ballroom Dance Lessons
Social Style Dance

Things to know before your first ballroom dance lesson at Social Style Dance:

Please come prepared to learn to dance in socks as outside shoes are not permitted on the dance floor for safety reasons.

Please dress comfortably, whether that means dressing up for a night out or wearing yoga pants and being casual.

Beer and hard lemonade are available for purchase, because of this all clients must be 21 years of age or accompanied by a parent.

You can learn to dance on the second level, in the southeast entrance of the Hotsy building which is 2 buildings east of the Home Depot.

Please call Social Style Dance at 414-687-2222 or email info@socialstyledance.com with any questions!