Private Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance Delafield

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons are just you and your partner with an instructor. All ballroom dance lessons move at your pace and appointments are made based around your schedule. You have the floor space and music all to yourselves, unlike any other studio in the area.

You can choose from daytime, evening or weekend lessons, and you do not need to have your ballroom dance lessons on the same day and time every week. Scheduling is the easy part!

Group Lessons

Group Ballroom Dance Lessons are on the same day and time every week for 8 weeks consecutively. These ballroom dance lessons have everyone moving forward together at the pace of the group. There are typically between 4 and 7 couples in each group class. They are a great way to meet other people and include more time to practice during the class. You may join one that is already scheduled and open to the public or form your own with your friends!

Practice Party

Social Style hosts practice parties for all our students to come in together and have a fun, comfortable place to practice all the moves you have learned in your lessons around other students!

Our practice parties are a really fun way to meet other students and see how everyone is progressing! Check out our upcoming events page to stay on top of all the ballroom dance lessons and other scheduled events at our studio. We would love to see you there!



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