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Top 3 Reasons to take Wedding Dance Lessons

Congratulations! You're engaged! You're planning a wedding, and it is exciting and stressful and fun! So, why should you take wedding dance lessons? 1. It is incredibly fun to learn to dance together! You're handling a lot of stuff to get all the details ready for the big day, so why not have a fun date night once a week to laugh and hold each other and let loose a bit during your wedding dance lessons? Not to mention... 2. All your friends and family will be watching you and your new spouse on the dance floor! When you go out there in front of hundreds of eyeballs, you will feel SO much more at ease if you have taken some wedding dance lessons and practiced beforehand. At Social Style we can do a very simple first dance for you or choreograph something more fancy, if that is what you desire. Either way, you will feel so much more confident when you know what you're doing. They will all be watching, so you may as well impress 'em!! 3. After you are married, you will be invited to other weddings, work parties and similar social events. There will be music playing, and you can still use what you learned in your wedding dance lessons even after your wedding! This is one of the few investments in your big day that you can actually still use after. The venue you only get for the day, the flowers will not last, and the food will get eaten, but dancing can be used over and over! Social Style Dance offers tons of different packages and options for learning to dance and we customize our wedding dance lessons for each of our [...]

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Why you should learn to dance at Social Style Ballroom Dance Studio

You have options for lessons when you decide that learning to dance together is something that you want to do. If you are trying to decide which studio to choose, hopefully this will help. The biggest name out there in ballroom dance lessons is probably Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Many people choose their studio because they are well recognized, but the most recognized name is not always the best choice, and here are some reasons why:   **Remember that at Social Style, you get to try us for FREE to see if you like us! No other studio in the area offers this opportunity!**   1. Social Style's dance lessons are longer than Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Ours are all 50 minutes, and theirs are only 40. 2. Social Style's dance lessons are more affordable. Not only are they 10 minutes longer, but they also cost less per lesson. 3. Social Style offers group lessons in addition to private lessons. These are a fun way to get to know other couples who likely have similar interests. 4.  Social Style offers a Bridal package that NO other studio offers, and we genuinely care that your first dance will be everything you want it to be. That is why we put so much time and effort into the choreography and spend ample time getting to know our engaged couples. 5. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, your teacher may be brand new or may have been teaching for longer. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when you are a brand new student, also you may not be able to keep your same teacher for every lesson. However, at Social Style our teacher has more than 13 years of experience and you always [...]

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